About Us

Yep.  This is us.  The Team.  


Doris (aka Mom). Brilliant at the books and keeping us on track (which can be rather like herding chickens at times!).  Loads of fun to work with at the shows!

Dee (aka Sister). Genius of the internet and great idea bouncer-off-er.  She's getting pretty good at designing, too!  She keeps us laughing when we're working hard in the studio or traveling for shows.  

And me, the "E" of By E Artisan Jewelry.

I started designing jewelry 9 or 10 years ago just for fun...it has evolved into a full-time operation since then.  I went from selling in shops and boutiques to this, our website! 

Inspiration comes from my world around me.  Nature plays a big part in my concepts. People do as well.  I love creating that very special piece that someone simply adores!

New designs will be posted often so, keep in touch via our website (don't forget to sign up for our Newsletter!) or follow us on:  Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest by clicking the icons at the bottom of the page. 

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you back soon!

 The By E Team